Impressions of our PhD student – Dmitry Khrapov about his internship at the German research center in Berlin

It turned out that my arrival to Berlin coincided with Cyclone Xavier. Despite these few truly apocalyptic days my work in Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) was successful. After the red tape(paperwork) (which was comparable to Russian one) and 3 days full of SIM-card activation attempts (antiterror is on the watch/doesn`t rest) I managed to get to the most interesting part of the work, notably Bessy synchrotron launchings. Inside this behemoth which looks similar to flying saucer people ride scooters. A couple of times I worked there until past midnight because work is in full swing around the clock. Notwithstanding the weather was predominantly rainy and cloudy there were sunny weekends when I enjoyed sightseeing around central part of Berlin.